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Processes relevant to Breeders in the FBCSA

The following information is provided to guide current and aspirant breeders on processes and requirements in the FBCSA when breeding with Boxer dogs

Dam and Puppy Checklist
A step by step guide on events to watch for and what to do.

Adult dog health form
FBCSA Adult Health Certificate - All boxers, male and female, must be examined by a qualified veterinarian after 12 months of age before being bred for the first time

Litter data form
Accurate and complete information required about the puppy litter by the FBCSA

Registration Pointers
A step by step guide on how to register your puppies with the FBCSA

Application for puppy registration
Application to the FBCSA to register puppies to the SA Studbook organisation

Prefix Application
How to register your kennel prefix/suffix with the FBCSA

Stud Certificate
The stud certificate is completed and signed in triplicate by the owners of both the stud dog (sire) and the dam at the time of mating.

Advertising puppies with the FBCSA
You have your puppies, now you want to find them good homes.

Boxer hips and breeding
Advice on breeding Boxers taking hip scores into consideration.

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