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Animal Improvement Act No 62 of 1998

The FBCSA in terms of the Animal Improvement Act No 62 of 1998 - Registration Certificate No 62/98/B-12, is now the only recognised breed society in the country to legally register ALL Boxer dogs. The Act further stipulates that there can only be one Breeders' Society of a particular breed and registration of these animals may only be done through a registered Registering Authority, such as SA Stud Book. The Boxer has been declared by the Registrar as a "Breed" and was accordingly announced as such in the Government Gazette.

You may browse for a puppy of your choice and contact the breeder directly. You may rest assured that all these puppies have gone through a veterinary examination, inoculation and deworming. Microchipping for identification purposes is mandatory.

It is FBCSA policy that puppies remain with their Dam until a minimum of 8 weeks of age.

Disclaimer: Where possible, puppies are inspected by a Federation representative at the age of 6 to 7 weeks. Boxer puppies that are advertised here have not necessarily been inspected and while the FBCSA refers these puppies in good faith, the FBCSA cannot be held responsible for poor health condition of puppies or poor hygiene conditions of the kennel.

Please note that we have a breeder helpline -

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