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Who we are

The Federation of Boxer Clubs of Southern Africa (FBCSA)

The Federation of Boxer Clubs of Southern Africa (FBCSA) was formed in 1960 and has been actively involved since its inception with Boxer Dogs. Our stud book was recognized by Boxer-Klub München, E.V. in 1984. We gained International recognition in 1998 when we were accepted as full members of ATIBOX (Association Technique Internationale Du Boxer), the world controlling body for Boxer affairs.


The FBCSA is the officially registered Breed Society for Boxer dogs in South Africa under section 8(7)(a)(ii) of the Animal Improvement Act No 62 of 1998, registering its Boxers through the SA Stud Book and Livestock Improvement Association as the FBCSA's registering Authority. As a result of this registration, all imports and exports of Boxer dogs to and from South Africa should be screened by the FBCSA.

We hold numerous Championship Shows and match meetings throughout the year. We also offer Working Trials, Breed Surveys, Companion Dog Trials and Endurance Trials throughout the year to our members.

Our Mission

The principle object for which the Federation was established is to promote the Boxer Breed. We therefore strive:

  • To ensure that the breed is improved, not merely increased
  • To maintain the type and working ability of the Boxer dog as described in the FCI Standard
  • To increase the viability of the breed through minimizing those factors that threaten soundness, health, fertility and correct temperament of the Boxer dog
  • To improve the genotype (genetic makeup), to maintain the phenotype (physical appearance), of the Boxer dog
  • To give expert advice on breeding, training and showing Boxer dogs and on puppy socialization

Our History

On the 28th November 1960 representatives of the Boxer Club of Southern Africa, Northern Boxer Club of South Africa, Central South African Boxer Club, together with other interested parties met at the Bloemfontein Hotel with a view to forming the Federation of Boxer Clubs of Southern Africa.

These proceedings were a follow up of the Boxer Club of Southern Africa’s de-affiliation from the South African Kennel Union which had been as a result of the their high-handed attitude in the matter of the exhibition of the first champion American import US Ch Beaulaine’s Parlay a cropped Boxer.

There was also the feeling that the requirements for show ring qualifications and breeding animals could be improved for the Boxer and the desire to establish an intensive judging programme specifically for the Boxer breed.

Mr Kelvin B Clegg was elected Chairman of the meeting and the first steps were taken towards the establishment of a Constitution under which the Federation would operate.

The first Boxer Bulletin under the banner of the FBCSA was produced in March 1961 and is the forerunner of the publication you are reading today.

At this time the original structure of the points awarded towards Championship status was drafted by Mrs Yvonne Clegg and Mr Bernard Vogelnest. The points system which we use today is based on this structure.

We remember so many of those who played such a great part in the progress of the Federation and cannot do better than quote from a poem written by Des Ward-Smith on the occasion of the Federation’s 30th birthday.

“Some names ring bells to me today Of dogs and people who were there In those far-off remembered days: Yvonne and Kelly Clegg perhaps and one Stainburndorf Dandylion and Needhams Pete and Shirley; Of Charles and Pixie Fortune too of Bernard Vogelnest as well Louise and Mark Marincowitz and the excitement here in town when Parlay first appeared”.

Highlights of our history have been the most welcome visits of overseas judges who contributed so much to our knowledge of the breed and broadened our outlook on judging. Amongst outstanding knowledge are: - Helmut Göbel, Walter Pinsker, Joe Heine, Karin Rezewski, Günter Karg and Ralf Brinkmann.

In 1992 the Federation launched a wide ranging initiative to improve the health, longevity and fertility of the Boxer and to this end health requirements were introduced. Records are kept of heart conditions, the incidence of white puppies, cleft palates, cryptorchids and any other defects produced.

Federation Boxers may be entered for match meetings (informal breed shows), Champion- ship Shows, Endurance trials (AD qualification), Working tests, Breed Surveys (BT qualification) and Companion Dog (BH – Begleithund).

In addition to the Executive Committee which administers the running of the organisation there are three specialist Panels, the Panel of Judges, Panel of Trainers and the Panel of Breeders. Annually a General Meeting of the Governing Body at which club representatives and the Panels deal with policy decisions and matters concerning the future of the breed is held.

International Recognition – The Federation’s stud book was recognised by Boxer-Klub München, E.V. in 1984 and in 1998 full membership of ATIBOX (Association Technique Internationale Du Boxer) the world controlling body of Boxer affairs was granted.

The Registrar of Livestock Improvement officially recognised the Boxer as a breed and the FBCSA as the only breeders’ society for that breed in November 1999 under the Animal Improvement Act.

In 2006 the issue of the discontinuance of tail docking began to take centre stage and has, since then, resulted in much discussion. The Federation, as it did with ear cropping has not made a definite ruling and has left it to its breeders to take responsibility. Our Boxer remains a Boxer and we love the breed just the same.

No history of the Federation would be complete without an appreciation of our dearly loved friend Enid Rhodes. Enid was absolutely committed to the breed and to the Federation and many of the advantages that we enjoy today are as a result of her brilliant foresight. Enid’s endeavours and courage live in our hearts and it is a source of great sadness that we lost her too soon.

Over the last several years the Executive has been working on a new Constitution in order to fall in line with the Constitution of the S A Studbook. It is with pleasure that we now confirm that the S A Studbook has accepted the FBCSA’s new Constitution.

Our history is an eventful one with the same theme running through our activities at all times. The principal object for which the Federation was established is to promote the Boxer Breed and to operate with integrity and fairness.

As we go into the future we are confident that with the dedication and enthusiasm of our members undiminished we will maintain the sound principles for which the Federation stands. The FBCSA was the first breed society to secure membership of the SA Stud Book and Animal Improvement Association.

January 1901

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