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Eastern Boxer Club (EBC)

EBC was founded in 1994 and has over 21 years of active devotion to the breed. Its committee and members have a wealth of experience in matters concerning the Boxer as a pet as well as a working and show dog.

Club members are extremely involved in the work of the Federation of Boxer Clubs of Southern Africa and serve on the Federation's Executive Committee, the Panel of Judges, Trainers and Breeders.

    The Club offers:-

  • The entitlement to participate in all the activities of the Federation of Boxer Clubs, i.e. to enter any of the events held, receive a regular newsletter, register a Boxer litter, receive the Federation's prestigious annual Bulletin
  • Assistance with :-
    • Breeding
    • Behavioural matters
    • Showing and working trials

The Eastern Boxer Club Committee

How to join EBC

Membership to Eastern Boxer Club is R250.00 per annum for a double membership and R180.00 per annum for a single membership. We also accommodate junior members, all under the age of 18 pay only R100.00 for membership.

If you wish to become a valued EBC member, please download a copy of the EBC Membership Form and email it to Ardele Fernandes, the Club Secretary at

    Your membership to the EBC entitles you to:

  • Enter any of the events held by any Federation Club
  • Register a Boxer litter with The SA Stud Book as a member of the Federation
  • Receive an informative and fun newsletter sent out several times a year
  • Receive a FREE copy of the Boxer Bulletin, the official glossy magazine of the Federation filled with photographs, articles, adverts and items of interest
  • Be able to receive assistance and advice on Boxer related matters

Join the EBC club where your needs will be well attended to and apply the slogan:

It's Hip to be EBC!!

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