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FBCSA Affiliated International Bodies

To keep up to date with what is happening in the Boxer World we are affiliated to and accepted by these International Bodies

Atibox - Association Technique Internationale Du Boxer


We gained International recognition in 1998 when we were accepted as a full member of ATIBOX (Association Technique Internationale Du Boxer), the world controlling body for Boxer affairs.

Read this article ATIBOX Objectives Practised in Distant South Africa by Karin Rezewski about Atibox practiced by a close knit community of Boxer dog lovers in South Africa.

Boxer-Klub e.V. München

Boxer Club Munchen

The founding club of Boxer Dogs in the world.
The FBCSA has good relations with the Boxer-Klub e.V. München since 1985 and the FBCSA breed register is recognised by Boxer-Klub e.V. München.

January 1901

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