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Judges' Panel

The Panel of Judges is a specialist body comprising not less than four judges elected by the Assembly of Judges on an annual basis. Two judges, elected by the outgoing Panel, serve automatically on the newly elected Panel in the interest of continuity.

The newly elected Panel members meet directly after the conclusion of the Assembly of Judges meeting to elect the Chairman, Secretary and also the Representative to the Executive and Governing Body for the ensuing year.

The duties of the Panel of Judges are to protect and maintain the integrity of the Boxer breed by:

Judges Panel
  • Training and accrediting new judges for the show ring as well as conformation judges for the Breed Standard Test
  • Ensuring that training courses are updated and that candidate judges are put through a rigorous theoretical and practical course
  • Ensuring that accredited judges are familiar with trends and get regular input on the breed
  • Training and accrediting new ring stewards
  • Ensuring that training courses are updated and that candidate ring stewards are put through a comprehensive theoretical and practical course
  • Ensuring that show rules are relevant to current circumstances and regularly reviewing their effectiveness
  • Holding seminars and live dog events informing breeders and owners of Boxers about their physical and disposition needs
  • Encouraging correct breeding principles and giving advice and information that will be for the benefit of the future of the breed

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Breeders' Panel

The Breeders’ Panel was formed on 9 March 1986 and to quote from the minutes: “The aim of the Panel was the distribution of sound knowledge of the Boxer breed, inter alia of conformation and temperament, to all Boxer breeders and owners and to serve in an advisory capacity to breeders”.

Breeders Panel

In 2003/04 the following Mission Statement was made: “To be active in the presentation and improvement of the Boxer Breed in type and health and to consider the welfare of Boxers without prejudice or inhibition”.

Dissemination of information of interest to Boxer lovers is one of the objectives of the Breeders’ Panel. With this in mind, the Breeders’ Panel holds at least one seminar a year, which is open to all dog breeders and not exclusive to the Boxer Breed. Two newsletters a year are sent out to club members with interesting articles relating to the health and well-being of the Boxer. The Panel of 2008 has been concentrating on the breeding female and their objective is to put together a CD/DVD with all relevant information, which will in time be distributed to all FBCSA breeders and interested parties.

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Trainers' Panel

The Panel of Trainers facilitates training and hosts various working trials for Boxers within the FBCSA. The elected Panel members have a common goal – to aid owners and Boxers to achieve a rewarding owner/dog relationship.

The Boxer is a working dog. Club trainers give training classes in the different disciplines of the various working trials offered by the FBCSA. These range from puppy socialisation classes, various stages of obedience classes, agility and manwork. This training culminates in the Panel of Trainers hosting working trials annually that include:

  • Traffic Steady Companion Dog (BH)
  • Endurance Trials (AD)
  • Breed Survey (BST)
  • Working Trial Schemes (WTS)

A Boxer that is a breed champion and passes the above three working tests qualifies for the grand champion title.

The Boxer loves to work and please its owner. His boundless energy, amenable, dependable and friendly character, together with a highly driven nature makes the Boxer a perfect candidate for a very rewarding training relationship. We therefore owe it to our Boxers to allow them to fulfil this potential.

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