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FBCSA and SA Studbook relationship

The FBCSA and SA Studbook

The South African Registrar of Livestock Improvement officially recognised the Boxer as a breed and the FBCSA as the only breeders' society for that breed in November 1999 under the Animal Improvement Act.

South Africa is in the privileged position to have an Animal Improvement Act, regulating the breeding of animals in a standardised manner. Only a breed which has been declared as such under die Act (Act 62 of 1998) can claim to be an identified breed, enjoying the advantages of the protection of the Act. Only the breeders of a breed declared under the Act, can structure themselves as a Breeders' Society. Once this is in place, only animals of breeders who are members of that Society can breed registered animals of that particular breed. Other owners of similar animals, who are not members of the Breeders' Society, can only claim to breed animals that are merely a "type" of the particular breed. The Act further stipulates that there can only be one Breeders' Society of a particular breed and registration of these animals may only be done through a registered Registering Authority, such as SA Stud Book.

The Boxer has been declared by the Registrar as a "Breed" and was accordingly announced as such in the Government Gazette. The Boxer breeders furthermore got together at a properly announced meeting where a Constitution, compiled in accordance with the Act and Stud Book's Constitution, was approved and consequently a Breeders' Society was established, namely The Federation of Boxer Clubs of SA, which was also accepted by the Registrar and announced in the Government Gazette. The Federation is also a member of SA Stud Book as their Registering Authority. The Federation of Boxer Clubs of SA is therefore the only legal Breeders' Society for Boxers in South Africa and therefore only breeders who are members of the Federation can legally claim to be breeding Boxers.

SA Stud Book is the Registering Authority for 64 Breeders' Societies, representing all animal species and is accredited by ICAR (International Committee for Animal Recording). This implies that all Stud Book's procedures, certificates and reports, adhere to international standards and are accepted accordingly. Stud Book, established in 1905, is a private, non-profit service organisation and its assets (very functional building and investments), belong to its members. The Breeders' Societies are the members of Stud Book and representatives of these Societies elect the seven Councillors to serve on Stud Book's Executive Committee to look after their affairs. Stud Book's services include inter alia the following: SA Stud Book's services mainly entail recording the births, parentage and ownership of animals; the determination of measures of productivity and other parameters; the provision of services for data capture and processing; the issuing of authentic registration certificates; and the guarantee that its recording practices meet international standards. SA Stud Book acts as the mouthpiece of the livestock breeding industry and representatives serve on various councils and committees to expand and protect the interests of stud breeders. Breeders' Societies are also assisted with policy matters where requested and the maintenance of constitutions and application of minimum breed standards and other rules are also part of the duties performed. SA Stud Book is privileged to have a team of dedicated personnel, serving the stud industry in a professional manner, empowering breeders to improve their animals genetically in a sustainable way.




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