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Purchasing a FBCSA Puppy

We believe it is important to buy a Boxer puppy that is registered with the Federation of Boxer Clubs of Southern Africa.

Responsible Breeders breed to improve the Breed. They do not just mate their bitch to a dog, even if the result is cute, pretty puppies. They follow certain rules in their efforts to improve the Breed. The Federation of Boxer Clubs of Southern Africa has specific requirements that Breeders have to fulfill before their puppies can be registered.

Boxer litter

    Points to bear in mind:

  • The FBCSA's Stud Register is recognised and accepted by Boxer-Klub M√ľnchen, E.V. - Boxerdom's mother club
  • The FBCSA has full membership of the Association Technique Internationale du Boxer (ATIBOX), the international body for Boxer dogs
  • The FBCSA is the only registered Boxer Breed Society in South Africa in terms of the Animal Improvement Act
  • The FBCSA requirements for registration provide safeguards for both the breeders and those who buy their puppies

    These include:

  • Both parents have been certified to have hearts free of murmurs that indicate aortic or pulmonic stenosis
  • The sire is a male with both testes descended into the scrotum
  • A person approved by the FBCSA has examined the puppies and considers them to be purebred, or that clear colour photographs have been supplied to enable an assessment to be made
  • The registration certificate will show males that must not be used for breeding

The above safeguards are not an absolute guarantee that there is nothing wrong with the puppy. However, this does mean that requirements have been followed to produce a puppy that is, as far as could be ascertained, healthy and free from defects

Advertisement columns often offer 'pedigreed pups from registered parents' or, from parents that are not registered. You might be interested in 'only a pet', the concern here is - why pay R500 or more for a "lucky dip"?. Top quality show or breeding Boxers are expensive but FBCSA breeders often have registered pups that will make excellent pets and protection dogs available at reasonable prices.

Breeders and clubs usually have long waiting lists for puppies, so it is not always possible to get a registered puppy immediately, but it is really worthwhile to wait.

If you need any advice, guidance or an opinion on a pup or the Boxer dog in general, please contact the FBCSA secretary or the nearest club on our Contact Details page

FBCSA club membership advantages

You don't have to own a Boxer dog to join one of the member clubs of the FBCSA and get to be a member of the FBCSA, but owning a Boxer dog is so much more rewarding!

Joining one of the FBCSA member clubs will introduce you to a whole new world where people eat, breathe and live Boxer dogs. You will not find a more passionate crowd of people anywhere and they have a single goal and it is the Boxer Dog.

The Federation has three specialist panels:

  • The Judges' Panel
  • The Breeders' Panel
  • The Trainers' Panel

The single purpose of these panels are to better the Boxer dog breed, look after it, nurture it and make sure that the Federation is on the right path to advance the Boxer dog breed in South Africa.

These panels have regular newsletters and seminars and as a member you can attend these. A small fee will at times be asked to cover the cost of the venue or material. This is easily offset by the knowledge and experience you will gain about the Boxer dog breed.

If you decide to breed with Boxer dogs a wealth of knowledge is available and at your disposal to help you all the way. From selecting the right male or female, to helping you with advice on how to prepare for the pregnancy and what to do on that big day. When the puppies arrive members will help with advice on how to care for the puppies. The Federation will help you with registering your puppies and advertising your puppies to find them good homes.

If you are interested in showing, many shows are held during the year at the different FBCSA member clubs and a nice relaxed atmosphere is always present at these shows. This is where your Boxer dog can earn points and one day, if enough points are accumulated, become a champion.

On the flip side the FBCSA also have working dog trials as the Boxer dog has always been a working dog. You can participate in events like obedience, endurance and breed standard tests.

Member clubs also organise social events during the year and you will be kept up to date by the club secretary on what is happening in the club. A visit to our website will also show all activities, from show results to social events and upcoming shows. On the website you can also download articles about the Boxer dog and read about Boxer dogs.

The big event on the FBCSA calendar is the Winner of Winners Gala Event. At this event the top Boxer dog for the year is chosen from Boxer dogs that have won that year. A host of other awards are also presented to people in the FBCSA.

The FBCSA is there only for the Boxer dog, with it, the FBCSA will not exist and that is why everything that is done in the FBCSA is for the Boxer dog!

So, if you are passionate about Boxer dogs, why not join us? You will enter a world of Boxer dog love, the joker of the dog world, the play mate of your life, a loyal companion and the protector of the family.

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